Concrete Coating

When you invest in a garage, patio, or other remodeled space, one of the best ways to protect this investment is to utilize concrete coating options. Concrete coatings not only help to make your space look cleaner, brighter, and more visually appealing, but they also add a protective element to your surfaces. This extra layer of protection makes them a great option for highly trafficked areas that get a lot of heavy use.

What Areas of Your Home or Business Benefit from Concrete Coatings?

Areas of your home or business that need frequent cleaning and are exposed to the outdoor elements are good candidates for a concrete coating. For example, basements, which are often one of the coldest and dampest parts of the home, are perfect for coatings due to their typically large, open area designs.

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A concrete coating is ideal for ensuring the durability of patios and pool decks. Due to these areas’ constant exposure to water, traditional flooring would leave them susceptible to mold and mildew. Garage floor coatings are also a good idea because oil and machinery can damage lower quality flooring.

What Types of Concrete Coatings Exist?

When choosing a specific type of coating, you will quickly realize you have many options to select from. The exact finish you need depends on a few factors, including your budget, which area you will be coating, and your style preference.

Solid Color Epoxy

A solid color epoxy is the perfect choice for many areas of your home or business. This type of coating is one of the most budget-friendly styles available, yet its durability properties are strong enough to withstand constant foot and machinery traffic, such as typical in private and industrial garage spaces. Showrooms and factories also often use this style for its high quality.

Solid epoxy can last ten years or more, making it a worthwhile investment for any area. This type of coating is especially easy to clean and resistant to oil stains, meaning your floor will look great for years to come.

Solid Color Polyurea

A solid color polyurea finish is a good choice for any spaces you want to keep protected from sun damage as well as any possible scuffs or chemical spills. Some companies, like TSR Concrete Coatings, offer an optional slip-resistant finish that makes this coating an ideal one for worksites, including warehouses and machine shops.

Chip System

A chip system coating is characterized by a look that is reminiscent of granite. This minimally textured surface makes it an ideal option for pool decks, as the chip system technology is specially designed to resist damage incurred by long-term exposure to the sun’s harsh rays. This floor style is also popular in both garages and showrooms. One perk of the chip system is that it has a low odor when installed, meaning you don’t have to worry about encountering strong fumes during the installation.

Metallic System

A metallic coating is one that is created from all-natural pigments. One of the defining features of this type of flooring is the way the coating retains an especially glossy and reflective look. These characteristics make a metallic system perfect for darker spaces that could use a little extra light. It also

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