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If you’ve been looking at the wealth of flooring options available to restore your concrete, you’ve probably considered epoxy floor coatings, but are they the right choice for your property? TSR Concrete Coatings weighs in on the benefits of epoxy floors in this handy guide...

First, the Benefits: Weighing in on The Pros of Epoxy Floor Coating

  1. Superior Durability Means Long-Lasting Floors:
    Epoxy floors are made tough. With a virtually impenetrable seal, they can handle everything from gasoline to chlorine without faltering. With proper installation by a team of professionals like TSR Coatings, your epoxy floors will protect and preserve your concrete longer than most floor remodels.
  2. It’s an Affordable Upgrade:
    Epoxy is a cost-effective remodel for almost any space. With a range of design options and a variety of finishes, many homes and commercial spaces will find epoxy a great, flexible choice for their budget. From concrete coatings for patios to epoxy basement floor coating, this is a great way to preserve your floors without spending a fortune.
  3. These Heavy Duty Floors Require Minimal Maintenance:
    In high-traffic environments, our epoxy floors outshine traditional flooring options. Whether you run a school, an auto-shop or an at-home garage, this is your best bet if you never want to worry about scrubbing grout or grease-stains again (and we know you don’t).

The Downsides: Potential Cons of Epoxy Floor Coatings

  1. These Floors Are Slippery:
    If you’ll be using soaps, oils or other liquids in your garage, you’ll want to take extra care. This is especially true for businesses– you won’t want a customer or employee getting injured on your property!

    Our fix:
    We offer antislip concrete coatings that do away with this common epoxy problem and keeps your floor safe while retaining a glossy-smooth finish.

  2. Without Proper Preparation, Things Can Go South:
    Epoxy floors are certainly one of the most durable concrete floor coatings, but it’s by far one of the most difficult coatings to apply.

    Our fix:
    You won’t want to DIY this one– best leave it to the professionals to ensure a properly buffed, cleaned and leveled surface. We’ll bring everything we need to ensure an enduring hold. Best of all, we won’t take weeks to do it.

  3. They Can Be Dangerous to Install on Your Own:
    This goes without saying. Working with harsh chemicals requires extensive protection, proper circulation, and training.

    Our fix:
    Our experienced and thoroughly epoxy flooring Chicago pros will take every measure to prevent hazards and reduce fumes throughout the installation.

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If you’re interested in residential or commercial epoxy floor coating, call our team to learn more. If not, our polyuria coatings are a great alternative. You can request a free estimate now by filling out our online quote form.